Darkness Calling

MaryLiz Bender
2 min readOct 11, 2020
NASA Hubble Ultra Deep Field image

It’s warm here
Cozy. Serene.
Our star wraps me
Every morning
In her nurturing embrace
But, any further away
Or one inch closer
This would not be the case

I peer out beyond her
Further and further
Find a trillion more
Waiting to be explored
More of them
Than grains of sand
On this planet
Can you imagine it?
An ocean of worlds
Taunting, calling for
Mysteries to unfurl

Between here and there
Is an ocean of black velvet
An unknown sea
Of endless possibility
What could be?

To beg the question
The body responds
A foot juts out
Escaping the bonds
Of thoughts that tie us down, down
From gravity well
Now, to Olympos Mons
We lift to heaven
Chasing the question
And there is where
We find the keys
To inner and outer
To ascend is
To transcend
Out there, but moreso
Deep within

It’s easy to think
Of space as empty
In truth, it is
With life! And sea
Of stars in infinite

Just as within
The untouched mind
To peer therein
We’re sure to find
Mounds of gold
In pain and death
And joy through sorrow
No longer unkempt

But, we cannot know
What we will not see
And so, must go
To darkness calling



MaryLiz Bender

A Creative Storyteller and Experiential Artist, driven by awe and wonder.