Surviving to Aliveness

MaryLiz Bender
Jul 26, 2022


The collective experience is made up of
Individual experiences
We are each the experiencers
That make up the Whole
That we know

Are wars a result
of our collective traumas?
Surely so.

So, then, how do we remedy
The needless, incessant barrage
of rage and greed
That never-ending cycle of destruction
Along with our spirits, the world around us
Crumbling, until we
Stop. Breathe.

A responsibility to care for ourselves
An ease,
A deep, loving care.
A commitment
To heal our own wounds, but go beyond
The healing
From surviving to aliveness
Connected to nature,
The universe
Attuned to the reality
That we are all miraculously
Here, on a planet, floating
In space, together,
With one share shared future.
A moment on the stage
To dance, enhance
This nature, expression,
All of our creations.



MaryLiz Bender

A Creative Storyteller and Experiential Artist, driven by awe and wonder.