Why There, When Here


To those that ask
“Why there, when here?”
With a flood of reasoning
Practical, philosophical
I can only convey
The impulse, through feeling

Have you never lifted the window frame
And stealthily rushed out,
Smile on your face
Not stopping to announce
Where you’re off to
Nor explaining

Have you never craved
To defy the boundary?
Has the fine line
That measures the box
Never called to tease you,
And will you out
From your comfortable place,
Nor challenged you
To defy, to accept
The worthy risk?

Have you never grown
Having trekked the unknown
And, do you not yearn
To return, to learn?

“Does the blood move through your veins?”
As the Sci-Fi poet loves to exclaim

To live — to be alive
Is to embrace
The experience
And protect that thing
We love, we are



MaryLiz Bender

A Creative Storyteller and Experiential Artist, driven by awe and wonder.